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Design8_Kavin Patel


The fire extinguisher is designed for a domestic setting aiming to simplify the extinguishing process to effortlessly encounter the panic situation.

The product was CAD modelled in Fusion 360 and rendered in Keyshot. Apart from computer generated design, the prototype was made by combining 3-D printed parts and wood-work.

Kavin Patel

Kavin Patel

Product Designer


Grafter is an app designed for grafting plants. It offers aid in identifying beneficial spots for grafting in a tree & suggests scions that should be attached with rootstock based on the nutrient requirements.

I created this prototype in Figma sensing it would help in the agricultural sector.

Aanya Jain

Aanya Jain

UX Designer

Looping The Poop Water

This project ‘Looping The Poop Water’ is about collecting the sanitary water- i.e grey/ black/ storm water collected in the septic tank of the hostel, and re-cycling into portable drinking water. The space designed for this purpose can be also used for entertainment.

I developed this idea of levels using the game of Ludo.

Aayushi Shrivastav

Aayushi Shrivastav



Eventify is an online platform that helps people plan events. It gives the user the option of hiring a planner or planning the event themselves. The user interface directs a user-friendly journey from beginning to end for better events and experiences.

Figma, Photoshop, and Illustrator were used to create the user interface.

Mohak Kale

Mohak Kale

UX Designer
Design12_The House 'US'

The House ‘US’

Housing is primarily a dwelling/ living space, but it also undertakes a bigger role. The multi-dwelling typology in housing is an initiator of conversations of a lifestyle, of relationships and life.

The massing of the project is divided into two different parts housing and service. Each house gets a view of the lake, and each house gets an individual terrace area.

Arjun Nair

Arjun Nair


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The core of ‘design thinking and its application by Kees Dorst

In the last few years, “Design Thinking” has gained popularity – it is now seen as an exciting new paradigm for dealing with problems in sectors as far a field as IT, Business, Education, and Medicine. This potential success challenges the design research community to provide unambiguous answers to two key questions: “What is the core of Design Thinking?” and “What could it bring to practitioners and organizations in other fields?”. We sketch a partial answer by considering the fundamental reasoning pattern behind the design and then looking at the core design practices of framing and frame creation.

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    Design Dialectics brings together designers, design schools and design-focused corporations on to one platform. They can showcase their own work, be inspired by others' designs and collectively learn, grow and profit.

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