Design Dialectics brings together designers, design schools and design-focused corporations on to one platform. They can showcase their own work, be inspired by others’ designs and collectively learn, grow and profit.

Designers Of The Month

Hastkala by Palak Patel. Palak is a UI and interaction designer.

Google Meet Up by Sabitha Shree. Sabitha is an illustrator.

AI Face Recognition App by Prakash Selvaraj. Prakash is a UX designer.

Eco-friendly Water Packaging by Sujosh Sen. Sujosh is a UX designer.

Showcase Your Design Work

Designers and Institutions can upload their work by registering on the website, subject to vetting and approval by the in-house design panel of Design Dialectics.

Image can be in 600 X400 pixels, in JPEG/PNG/JPG format.