Engagement Areas

Marketing Design

Marketing is a creative activity both at the level of operations and strategy. It attains depth when the psyche of the consumer is unravelled to understand what appeals to him and what does not.

Dr. Abhishek Kumar designs his marketing interventions in such a way that they provide easy to use tools to the manager and attractive conceptual frameworks to the students of marketing. His methods reconstruct the process of creating a product and a brand in a way that is at once multi-dimensional and remarkably simple.

a) Brand Diagnosis and Direction Setting

This intervention conducts a brand diagnosis using a relevant brand-personality scale (Aaker’s scale) in most cases to understand the strengths and areas of improvements for a brand. It will also recommend specific tasks and activities with goal posts that would transform your brand into a strong brand that commands loyalty thereby ensuring stickiness of revenues.

Clients for whom this intervention was carried out:

  1. The Economic Times
  2. Business Line
  3. North Eastern Region as a tourist destination – for Ernst & Young

b) Management Development Programs

i) 2-day MDP for Marketing Managers

This program is on brand management and employs research insights for revenue stimulation. It will impart practical insights and relevant theory to sales and marketing professionals that will help them to create brand equity through positioning and achieve brand loyalty.

ii) 2-day MDP on New Product Development (NPD)

This program takes the participants through all the stages of new product development from need identification to product launch. It prepares the product roadmap, outlines the technology inter-dependence, revisits the consumption ethics and expands on product theory.

c) Product Design and Innovation

i) Ramco Systems: Product Management*

Case study on product development and management in information technology sector that covers software development life cycle, AI-powered innovations and construction of IT platforms that facilitate innovation at every level. It also deals with the creation of organizational processes and structures that create a culture of innovation in the organization.
*Part of Harvard Publishing/Ivey Publishing case repository

Ramco Systems Limited (Ramco) was a leading information technology (IT) product company and a pioneer in India, where the majority of IT companies were focused on services. It created three world-class products that drove its growth: a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system, a human capital management system, and aviation software.

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ii) Water ATMs of Indian Railways: Causing a Silent Revolution

Case study on new product development process in a public sector undertaking. It outlines the process that has several stakeholders coming together to deliver public utility service to millions of travellers of Indian Railways.
*Published by Vikalpa, Journal of IIM Ahmedabad

It was a hot summer afternoon in New Delhi, India, and Mr.Siya Ram, the Group General Manager of Rail Neer, the packaged water brand of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC), was having his lunch in his office on the 11th floor of The Statesman House, the corporate headquarters of IRCTC. His office had a view of the Connaught Place, a popular shopping district in New Delhi, India. His eyes fell on a group of 10–12 people crowding a road-side stall buying bottled chilled water to quench their thirst.

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Invite the author to conduct a session (2 hours) on the case study